My first visit to Iceland at the tail end of winter in 2015 was a brief one. We stopped over for four days and it snowed for two and a half of them. There was only one clear day during our visit and we certainly made the most of it as this was our first stop on that day. Arriving on location well before sunrise with fresh snow on the ground, I was able to find some footprints leading to the path and we were on our way! It was April 1 and laying my eyes on this waterfall for the first time was so exhilarating, as I had never seen water this blue! I worked the scene for a little while waiting for the light, and when the horizon started a faint glow about 45 minutes before sunrise I had myself positioned on the footbridge over the river.  The result was this classic composition of the entire falls with the rushing glacial water swirling into the bottom of the frame.  The light in the sky only faded after this moment, but it still made for the highlight of my short trip.

Bruarfoss is by far my favorite waterfall in Iceland, and while I've returned several times since, I haven't been able to capture the same "magic" that I did on this first day there. 

Note: Prints will be signed and numbered in the following sizes and have a one inch white border.  16x24 inch Limited Edition of 75 prints , 20x30 inch Edition of 50 prints, 24x36 inch Edition of 30 prints