I offer group photography workshops and private instruction near my home in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. All levels of photographer are welcome as lessons includes both in the field techniques and post processing images. Field sessions consists of creating compositions to draw the viewer in and understanding how to use the right camera settings to properly capture the photographer's vision. Post processing work involves using both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as well as other tools to bring these images to life.  We will be continually adding workshops to the schedule so please check back often or sign up for our newsletter for updates.

With so many choices out there, why join me on a photography workshop you might ask? First of all, I am fully insured, CPR/First Aid trained, as well as licensed and permitted to guide people in the areas that I offer. This might seem like an obvious qualification, but so many offering workshops today don’t do the due diligence, take the time, or pay the necessary costs to get their business properly in order. I am a full-time professional, not someone with a day job that takes people out on long weekends. Simply put, it is not worth the risk for me to take a shortcut in this area of my business.  Secondly, each location that I guide people to has been thoroughly scouted personally over weeks and even months to find the absolute best locations and maximize our time together. I don’t make a weekend warrior trip to a place and then turn around and offer a workshop. That just would not be fair to you or your hard earned money. Each workshop is organized with daily primary locations, backup locations, and then some. All so that I am able to make decisions in the field depending on the weather and time we have to get our group in the best possible spot to create unique and dramatic images. Without proper planning, a workshop can quickly get disorganized and rushed (and it shows) and that does not foster an experience where clients are free and able to focus their attention on creating and honing their craft. Lastly, I’m a pretty fun and laid back guy who is passionate about nature photography (don’t just take my word for it, read my reviews). I like to keep things light, easy going, and flexible. Most importantly, I appreciate that each client is spending their time and money to travel, taking vacation time from work to spend with me and be away from their family. And I want to do everything that I possibly can to make sure it’s a valuable and worthwhile learning experience as well as enjoyable as possible being together out in nature. It’s a privilege to do what I do. I am truly honored and humbled to be able to guide and teach people in places that I love.

If you’d like to know what it’s like to experience one of our workshops, then read what some past students have had to say below!

What a great experience at Ricketts Glen State Park for a workshop with an awesome instructor, Chris Byrne. It was great getting down and our feet wet, and he just opened up himself for us to ask him basically anything. It was all a great learning experience for me, from how to handle the equipment a bit better, what he looks for when shooting, processing, and other pointers. It was great being able to show each other our work as we went about the day, too. We spent the entire day there, basically. We hiked from about 7 am to 4:30, and I was beat. Tired, sore, and a bit hungry. It was awesome. — Desha U.

To anyone contemplating joining up on one of Chris’s workshops I highly recommend it. He is a great guy very knowledgeable , knows what he’s talking about you won’t regret it. I took one of his this summer in glacier national Park and it was a great time. — Tom S.

In July of 2018 I took Chris Byrne’s Glacier National Park Workshop. I had never been to Glacier, so I was very excited to go and see all the beauty that this landscape would provide. I was not disappointed. The sunrises and sunsets were stunning, and the wildlife was more than I anticipated. We saw quite a few bear and Moose which was terrify and fascinating at the same moment. And there were waterfalls everywhere. Two of the hikes were a bit challenging for someone who is not used to mountains, but I was able to make it and glad I did. The views were unbelievable. Chris is a fantastic and patient instructor who takes his time with each student to make sure they understand how to get the shots they are looking for. I highly recommend this workshop, and any that Chris offers. — Julie A.

I had the pleasure of taking a private workshop in Iceland with Chris during the summer of 2016 and it was an experience that I will never forget. The scenery and locations were incredible and Chris really knew the places to hit and when to avoid the crowds. I had taken some photography classes before that trip from others, but Chris was really able to help me put it all together and teach me new things. I was so happy with the pictures I was able to take and can’t recommend his workshops highly enough! — Amanda T.


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