Out of Hibernation and Into a New Website

For those of you that follow me on Facebook or check out my website from time to time, you may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet for awhile. Personally speaking this winter has been just brutal, does it really need to be this cold for this long? So I went into hibernation big time and managed to keep myself busy by redesigning this here website, going through my backlog of photos, and starting a couple accounts over on the twittersphere and instagram.  Eventually I may get back over to tend to Ello, 500px, and Flickr, but with all this stuff something's gotta give! Anyone want to be my marketing intern? 

We did manage to get away to sunny Mexico for some rock & roll, and then to the snowy mountains of West Virginia (all in the same week) and below are some shots from those trips and there's more in the portfolios. It was just enough to beat the winter blues and recharge the batteries. 

Now that my housekeeping season is winding down, I'm quite excited to get back out there chasing the light and making new images. We've got trips planned to Iceland and the Pacific Northwest this spring and I can't wait to break in my stylish new waders in some cold water rivers. If you're on the east coast, I'll be mixing in some art shows again this summer near Philly so be on the lookout for the schedule to be posted soon. 



With my radio silence now broken, I'd love to hear what you all think of the new site. Any and all feedback is welcome, as we are always looking to improve things around here. And if you are active on the social sites and like to consume your nature photography that way, please follow, share, friend, comment, like or post cute little emoticons on my stuff if you are so inclined.  Almost forgot to mention that ordering prints is soon coming, but you can always shoot me an email to get a price. And I think that's a wrap on the updates for now. 

See ya later winter, now get out there and explore.